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Feel clean and fresh always with PANDEEZ™ disposable underwear

PANDEEZ™ is a disposable underwear that was designed with your convenience in mind. It feels just like your everyday underwear. However, it allows you to live your life with fewer interruptions because unlike your everyday underwear, you can wear and throw away without the need for washing. So you can be confident that even if life presents unwelcomed interruptions, you will feel clean and fresh always. This is because you can easily put on a new pair of PANDEEZ™ when you have an accident in the work place, school, or anywhere else. PANDEEZ™ is the convenient choice that will make your life easy in many situations.

What makes PANDEEZ™ different from regular underwear

Soft, comfortable, specially made fabric material. While this material is breathable and feels just like your regular underwear, it helps prevent stains from leaking through to your clothes.  

Each PANDEEZ™ pack contains five pairs of underwear wrapped individually. Each pair is about the size of a tampon and is conveniently packed to make it easy to carry around discreetly in your, pocket, purse, at work, or in your car.

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